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Any character or situation that may deem similar or familiar to the reader is purely coincidental. The stories here are products of the authors' imagination.
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nikkoshae asked:
If it isn't too much, please make a scenario of Daesung and his kid(s) being in an episode of The Return of Superman. What they do for the day (or two) is completely up to you all. I was thinking Daesung takes him/her/them to visit Japan and show him/her/them his favorite places to eat, to relax, to workout, etc. But like I said, it's completely up to you all. I hope this will help inspire new writings in the future. Thank you guys!


It’s not a problem! We’re always glad to receive some requests from you guys. 😁

We’ll work on your requested Dae scenario. So we hope you’ll stick around and wait for it. 😉

Again, Thanks for requesting!

Take care!


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vipjan12 asked:
Falling in love is finished?! Already? Ahhhh! I'm so hooked in the story that I don't want it to end! Hahaha. I love it! Thank you for writing a wonderful scenario! ^^


Yeahp. FALLING IN LOVE is a “bit” shorter. I don’t want to drag the story coz it might get boring. Kekeke

But really, thanks for reading it until the end! It’s so cool of you to stick with us til now!

And I hope you’ll continue reading our upcoming scenarios/fabrics.

Thanks again! And hope you’re having an awesome time! 😉

MSY 😘❤

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Falling In Love: Seungri/G-Dragon [Finale]

                Seungri leans his head on the steering wheel. He’s anxious to get back inside and take you with him. “What if noona still loves Ji Yong hyeong and she decides to get back with him? Does that mean we’re already over? Just like that?”

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Falling In Love: Seungri/G-Dragon [Part 7]

                If only he can fast forward time to end this fan meeting sooner, Ji Yong would’ve already done it. He’s about to go crazy giving out smiles to his fans when the truth is, he’s already dying to confront his Maknae. 

                Seungri’s struggling hard not to show his emotions. He’s sure his hyeong is pretty upset with him. Or better yet, MAD would be the right word to describe the way Ji Yong looked after witnessing that scene from the coffee shop.

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vipjan12 asked:
Oh my gosh! Falling in Love part 6 is so asdfghjkl;'! I can't even explain what I feel! What will Jiyong do? Kyyyaaaaaaahhh! This is making me feel giddy and excited to know! Ahhh!!! ^^


MJH will post the next part soon so just hang in there and reign in your excitement. Kekekekek. 😉

And thanks for reading our scenarios by the way! 😁

MSY 😘💋

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Anonymous asked:
Hi :) i really like your blog please keep write about that scenario "Falling in love" is really amazing and please dont write them late remember us and write more soon and upload it :) Thanks (^_^)

Hi there!

Thanks for liking “Falling in Love”!

And no worries, we’ll try our best to keep our blog updated. But we hope you’d be patient with us too if sometimes it takes time for us to update. 😁

Again, thanks for the lovin! 😘

MSY 👑💜💛💙

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Falling In Love: Seungri/G-Dragon [Part 6]

What happened last night made you unable to have a good night’s rest. So here you are in the still close Brews and Books, keeping yourself entertained with the books. Not for long, you hear the sound of the door chimes, signaling the arrival of a too early bird customer. 

                Without taking your eyes off the book you’re currently skimming, you announce in your practiced Japanese, “Sorry, we’re still close. Please come back an hour later.”

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jaywalking-pandas asked:
OMO Yay Fast Updates!!!! you are the best i love it more more more lol GD just seen her Wahh i cant wait for part 6!!!!

Heeeeya dongsaeng!

Hahahhah. No worries. Part six will surely be posted one of these days.
And thank you, thank you, and thank you for sticking with us! Really appreciate all the loving! 💓👌

MSY 😜😘💗

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vipjan12 asked:
Kyyyaaaaaaaaaahhhh! Falling in love with 'falling in love'! Keep up the beautiful work, author-nim! ^^ Your latest update made my day even more beautiful! Thank you! ^^


Yeey! Thanks for loving our current scenario. Truly, it makes writing more worthwhile. 😊😁

And just so you know, your message made my day too!

VIPs until whenever!

MSY 😘🙆

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Falling In Love: Seungri/G-Dragon [Part 5]

                Ji Yong calls for Seungri before the latter heads out from practice. He knows something is off with his Maknae. Ever since his arrival yesterday, Seungri has been jumpy and cautious around him. Ji Yong worries that maybe, their Maknae’s having some serious problems and is somewhat having a hard time opening up to the group. 

“Ne hyeong? What is it?” Seungri reaches for his nape and coyly smiles at Ji Yong. He’s trying to mentally guess what his hyeong wants from him. 

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