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Any character or situation that may deem similar or familiar to the reader is purely coincidental. The stories here are products of the authors' imagination.
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Underneath It All: G-Dragon [Part 8]

“Would you rather be with that SCRUFFY CRUISE SINGER than with a FASHION ICON WORLD STAR that’s me?” Ji Yong casually asks, his confidence obviously overflowing.

“A world star who BROKE YOUR HEART and without so much of a second thought—caused you pain? Or me? The simple cruise singer—who brought back your trust in men… and made you believe in love again?” Harry reminds you, desperation in his voice.

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Underneath It All: G-Dragon [Part 7]

                 Seeing you here, in this exact place by the Han River, brings Ji Yong back to that time when he first saw you. You’re still the picture of pure innocence and simplicity. The exact same girl who doesn’t feel the need to don on flashy clothes and cover your face with layers of makeup, yet somehow, managed to get his full attention. And he can’t help but wonder… why did he ever leave you? “Hi—uhm. You look lovely today.” He doesn’t stop himself from giving you a compliment.

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Underneath It All: G-Dragon [Part 6]

“This is THE best day of my life! You girls are the greatest!” The still drunk Sophia squeals as she jumps up and down on your bed. 

“Oh god. I can’t believe you let my Sweet Pea get drunk!”  You can’t help but giggle at the sight of the group’s baby sister looking all wasted. 

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Anonymous asked:
AIGO!!!! I miss u and scenarios so much!!! I Have been so busy with freshmen year xD!! But how hv u been lately?! Btw, when r u going to post up a gd or taeyang scenario or one shot?! Can't wait to read them!! Best wishes too u guys😘😍. Aniyo👋

Waaah. Hello!

We’ve both been busy too. kekeke

And thanks for reading our scenarios though you’re busy. BTW, we just posted a gd one shot.

Best wishes to you too!!!



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IG, Ay Ji!: G-Dragon One Shot

                 Waiting for your boyfriend to return from his commitment abroad is like being in labor. You’re going to endure the hellish pain because you know—you’re waiting for someone who’s truly worth the pain and the wait. Not that you’ve ever been in labor. You just heard it from your sisters who already went through the so-called labor pains. 

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Underneath It All: G-Dragon [Part 5]

“Ji Yong. Stop that. What are you talking about bro? Come on, give me that beer.” Young Bae is like playing tug-of-war with Ji Yong, but with a bottle of beer instead of a rope.

                 He pulls the beer away from Young Bae’s reach and goes about blabbing in his slurred speech. “She, she is getting married. You hear me Young Bae? SHE-IS-GETTING-MARRIED!” He follows his announcement with a mocking laugh. 

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vipjan12 asked:
Annyeong!!! Thank you very much! I love it! I suddenly felt giddy after reading. Heehee. ^^

Yeay! I’m glad you love it!

Thank you for sending us awesome requests.



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This Love Will Work Out: Seungri One Shot

“_________-ah. How come you’ve never had a boyfriend? You waitin’ for me to confess my undying love for you?”

                 Hearing Seungri say that out of the blue, while you two are working out, makes you spit out the water you were drinking. It was a good thing that you were the only ones in the gym. You wipe your mouth with the back of your hand and let it stay there to cover your reddening cheeks. “Ya michyeosseo?!” For a second right there, you thought he was telling the truth. But seeing that cocky look on his face proves that he wasn’t serious.

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Underneath It All: G-Dragon [Part 4]

                 “Why does Wednesday have to come this fast?” You mutter to yourself while you pace back and forth inside the bedroom. Not for long, you hear a knock on the door, followed by Sophia’s voice asking you if she could come in. 

“He’s here. Jess is talking with him back there by the pool… hey, are you okay?” Sophia walks towards you, putting an arm over your shoulder.

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Underneath It All: G-Dragon [Part 3]

“Why are you doing this Oppa? I told you I’m not going anywhere. I won’t leave you alone. I’ll be with you through all of this.” Your face is now drenched in your own tears.

“________-ah, things will be so much easier for us if we go our separate ways…”

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